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    2019 FORD Ranger model review

    Ford has finally appeared in the market with its latest 2019 Ford Ranger model after going on an extended vacation. The 2019 Ford Range has placed the second position in the compact Pickup Trucks by scoring 8.1 out of the 10.This was ascertained based on 18 different research and data items using various sources.

    The apparent Ranger begins its life in the Asia Pacific Region in 2011 as Ranger T6 before been awarded the green card for being seen in the United States of America’s market with last updated model in 2015.

    The Ranger has the capacity to tow and haul, and its economical fuel consumption ability is superb. The Ranger possesses one engine with ten-speed automatic transmission, turbocharged 2.3-litre four-cylinder and packing of 270 horsepower, 310 pound-feet of torque.

    Its four-cylinder engine can match toe to toe with the V6 engines of competing trucks.
    The interior décor of the Ranger meets all the modern standard décor of the new vehicle with user-friendly infotainment systems.

    The second row of the conventional cab is small, but the supper cab at the back is more spacious even as it’s considerably more extensive than most Sedans.

    The parameters of the Ranger comprises 17 feet, 7 inches in length; 5 feet, 10.7 inches and 5 feet, 11.5 inches in height; and a weight of 4,145 to 4,441 pounds.

    The 2019 Ford Ranger has the highest starting price of $24,300 among its equivalent designs. All the models have equal powertrain, and hence, there is no need to spend extra in pursuit of a stronger engine.

    However, two high base trim setups begin at $27,940 and $32.210 each. Therefore, moving to four-wheel drive from rear-drive shoots the price up by $4,000. The Four-wheel drive Supper Crew Ford Ranger Lariat starts above $38,000.


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