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    2019 Jeep Wrangler e-torque review And Specification


    Just one year after the redesign of its legendary SUV, the Jeep 2019 adds a new engine option for the Wrangler.

    It is a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged with electric support, meaning it is a light-hybrid vehicle.

    Creating slightly less horsepower and somewhat higher torque, this engine offers the same acceleration and performance as the standard 3.6-litre V6 engine, combined with improved fuel economy. Jeep calls this mild-hybrid technology e-torque.

    Based on JD Power data, fuel economy is what Wrangler owners are least satisfied with when they get into their Jeep. Deliberately, a brand new holiday rental featured this new e-torque engine under the hood, allowing for real-world testing of the light-hybrid Wrangler Turbo.

    For this review, JD Power rated a rented 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport S, equipped with a turbocharged 2.0-litre 4-cylinder e-torque engine, an automatic transmission, and a 3-piece black hardtop roof. The price came to $ 40,435 including a $ 1,495 destination charge.

    The JD Power classifies the Wrangler as a compact SUV, and there are many differences between the Wrangler owners and the overall SUV owners.

    For example, Wrangler’s owners are 70% male, while it is 50% for the whole segment. They are young with an average age of 53 (vs 59 for the layer). The Wrangler owner has an average annual household income of $141,477 (vs $ 92,841).

    Most Wrangler owners agree that they prefer to purchase a vehicle from a domestic company (75% vs 63%). They are more likely to agree that their friends and family think of them as someone who knows a lot about autos (74% vs 56%).

    Wrangler owners are not concerned about fuel economy, reliability, or high maintenance costs. 

    Still, it is just 30% agree for the first consideration when choosing a vehicle is miles per gallon (vs 67% for the segment), 90% agree that reliability is the primary consideration (vs 96%), and 81% admit they avoid vehicles They think there will be higher maintenance costs (vs 91%).

    90% of Wrangler owners agree that they prefer a vehicle that stands out from a crowd (vs 67%), and only 21% agree that a car is a There is a way to get from place to place (vs) 44%).

    Safety and environmental friendliness are less critical for Wrangler owners. Just 76% agree that they are willing to spend more to ensure that their vehicle has the latest safety features (vs 81%), and 38% should recognize that they are willing to pay more for a car that Environmentally friendly (vs 56%).

    Owners say their favourite things about the Wrangler (in descending order) are exterior styling, interior design, visibility and safety, engine/transmission and infotainment systems.

    Owners indicate that their least favourite things (in descending order) about the Wrangler are the climate control system, driving dynamics, seats, storage and space.

    What do our experts say?

    In the sections that follow, our experts provide their assumptions about how the Jeep Wrangler is measured in each of the ten categories included in the 2019 APEAL study.

    The outer

    With the latest Wrangler, the classic Jeep design is modernized in terms of safety and fuel efficiency requirements, but the glance still screams “Jeep” with no more than a glance.


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