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    Daimler takes a glimpse Automotive over reality of ‘Robot Axis’

    Daimler took an enhanced step in putting forth a reality check on the robot axis system. It also concentrates on the self-driving technology, which would further be used for commercial vehicles for the long haul routes.

    Daimler states that this reality check aids them in clearing all the misconceptions over the robot axis. The Chief Executive Ola Kaellenius tells that this supports them to “rightsize” their budget over its spending level on the robot axis and that self-driving technology.

    Automobile manufacturers persuaded to develop self-driving vehicles after Google presentation a prototype car in 2012, which led the Daimler to develop an autonomous Mercedes.

    The stellar growth of ride services comes up with the digitalized and automated versions of the automobiles. As a result, it creates the wave of the robot axis, picking up and ferrying customers around cities.

    Kaellenius says that there has been a reality check setting in here, considering all the costs and regulatory hurdles. He also adds that ensuring that self-driving cars are 100% safe in crowded urban areas is proving to be a more significant challenge.

    He explains that Even if Daimler can make the robot axis safe, the benefits of entering the crowded ride-hailing business with self-driving cars remain unclear in the populace.

    “The full-scale deployment would tie up a lot of capital with some uncertainties around the earnings potential,” he said.

    He exclaims that the “At this juncture we said to be the first one, does not make sense.”
    While we already know that Daimler has already sought a development alliance with BMW for semi-autonomous vehicle technology.

    These include the highly automated driving functions to enable “hands-off” autonomous driving on the highways as well as automated parking.
    Daimler has another project with supplier Robert Bosch to perfect technology for fully driverless autonomous cars.

    Volkswagen Group has already said it is setting up an autonomous driving unit led by a former Apple executive as it seeks to commercialize autonomous driving on a large scale by the middle of the next decade.

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