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BMW beats out Tesla with i4 electric Sedan

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With no release of any new all-electric vehicle in 7 years since the launch of the BMW i3, BMW amazes everyone with the new BMW i4 electric Sedan.

i4 equips BMW’s latest fifth-generation electric powertrain technology. This enhances the much longer range and higher performance than BMW ‘s current electric vehicles.

The German automaker is starting to release more details about the specs.

BMW claims that the electric sedan is going to be able to achieve a range of 600 km (373 miles) on an 80 kWh battery pack. 

The 80 kWh battery pack combined with an electric motor that is capable of churning out 537 PS of peak power.

The BMW i4 features the newly designed high-voltage battery featuring the latest battery cell technology.

The design of the high-voltage battery characterizes an extremely flat design and optimized energy density. With a weight of some 550 kilograms, it has an energy content of 80 kWh battery life.

The 80 KWh battery ensures you 600 km range, taking over the Tesla:

The real-world range is likely going to be close to 300-320 miles on a single charge. The BMW allures everyone with the performance of ensuring around 600 km.

The electric motor developed for the BMW i4 delivers a maximum output of around 390 kW/530 hp. The elegant design that is typical of a 4-door coupé of the brand, the BMW i4 is characterized by impressive performance features.

The BMW i4 accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in around 4.0 seconds, achieving a top speed of more than 200 km/h.

The next generation charging unit is characterized by a uniform package suitable for all future vehicle architects. 

The i4 is a classy model that endures the vehicle to be charged to around 80 percent of its full energy content in approximately 35 minutes. This results in a charging time of about six minutes for a range of 100 kilometers.

BMW says that the BMW i4 will be able to charge at up to 150 kW of high charging capacity.

BMW i4 electric sedan comes as part of the brand’s strategy to launch five new electrified models by 2023. All these models are empowered with eDrive technology.

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