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    2020 Indian FTR Rally 1200 version model has been declared for the U.S, cost of $13,499

    UPDATE: Initially announced for Europe in EICMA, the 2020 Indian FTR Rally has been declared for the U.S., using a cost of $13,499, which slots it over the 11,999 FTR 1200 however a grand beneath the 14,499 FTR 1200 S.

    Indian showed a brand new FTR 1200 version model, a retro-styled variant known as the FTR Rally. The 2020 Indian FTR Rally includes aluminum pinstripe wheels, LED lighting, vertical ergonomics, a rally windscreen, an aviator chair, a Titanium Smoke paint scheme along with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires.

    “The FTR Rally is an announcement manufacturer. Whether commuting to work, meeting friends for coffee, or simply ripping around town, the FTR Rally will turn heads wherever it goes,” says Reid Wilson, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle. “But more than just eye candy, the bicycle reciprocates which cool sense’ via its 123-horsepower engine, controlling riding posture and nimble handling, ideal for city roads or rear, canyon streets”

    We are a little disappointed that the Rally did not stray in the FTR1200 while we are eager to find yet another take on the stage. The remainder of the bicycle is like the FTR1200, Even though the FTR Rally ProTaper handlebars do make for ergonomics.

    Both versions share the 1203cc engine, promising 89 lb-ft and 123 hp. Using a flat torque curve. The motor is mounted into a trellis framework as the FTR1200, along with brakes and the suspension are comparable, using double Brembo calipers and an inverted fork.

    The FTR Rally does get cruise control and a speedy control interface, which, together with the Argos, may create the FTR Rally functional compared to FTR1200. Wire wheels and the Scorpion Rally STR tires can create the Rally acceptable for mild assignments

    There is still a great deal of potential in the FTR platform. We all know from patent filings which Indian has been operating on various framework designs, and also an experience bicycle variant would surely be welcome. We expect to see more, although the FTR Rally is a beginning.



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