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2020 McLaren 720S Le Mans is a tribute to 25th anniversary of Le Mans victory

McLaren comes up with 2020 McLaren 720S Le Mans, a supercar that celebrates the company’s 25 years since winning Le Mans. 

So what’s special about the 2020 McLaren 720S Le Mans???

The McLaren pays tribute to the 1995-1997 McLaren F1 GTR, the vehicle that brought the victory of McLaren in the 24 hour Le Mans race. The Le Mans edition will be limited to 50 units and will pack unique interior but the same V8 engine as the standard models.

The 2020 McLaren 720S Le Mans has a very sporty appearance that will make you drool for it. The company uses a dual-tone carbon fiber body exterior paint job to get that work done. The limited-edition will be available in Orange and Sarthe Grey, but the bottom of the rear fenders and the rear bumper is finished in Ueno Grey which is similar to that of F1 GTR used in the race.

The 50 McLaren will be tagged with “McLaren 25 Anniversary Le Mans” badges on the rear fenders to make them stand out. The same will include roof scoop polycarbonate rear glazing and carbon-fiber louvers atop the front fenders. The roof scoop is a fully functional addition, unlike other additions which are purely for looks. The scoop channels the air to the rear hood, and this helps in additional cooling of the supercar. The wheels are uniquely designed five-spoke LM design based on the McLaren F1 GTR race car from 1995. The brake caliper also has a gold finish.

Inside the cabin, is the spread touch of Alcantara upholstery with accents of the exterior body paint. The carbon-fiber racing bucket seats are standard. The seat headrests and the floor mats have been also marked with the same 25th-anniversary logo. The VIN number plates are blessed with the anniversary badge. The VIN number of all the limited edition starts with 298, which recognizes the number of laps by the winning car of 1995, none other than, McLaren F1 GTR.

PS: LE Mans was the world’s oldest endurance racing event held since 1923 in the town of Le Mans, France. It is considered as the most prestigious automobile race in the world. The vehicles have to cover up the greatest vehicle in 24 hour time. It tested the reliability of the car to run for a 24 hr time period without any mechanical failure. 


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Rishabh Chugh
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