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    A Guide On the Most Powerful Scooters in 2021

    It is interesting how scooters are gaining popularity in recent years. You will see more scooters on the streets today than before. Are you considering a scooter purchase and not sure how to go about it? Because there are more choices today, the decision may overwhelm you.

    So what do you need to know about scooters in 2021? In this article, we will take you through a thorough scooter guide and what to look for in a powerful scooter. Let’s get started;

    Choose a scooter that best fits you

    Feeling comfortable is the number one priority when it comes to choosing a scooter. But how do you check for comfortability? We are all different, and so are our choices. Typically, a scooter should be easy to handle; you can maneuver it in and out of the parking area.

    Here are tips to help you choose a scooter that best fits your needs;

    • Scooters come in different heights because we are also not of the same size. The range is generally between 700mm and 815mm high. Before making a purchase, you can schedule a test drive to help you make the right decision.
    • Scooters also vary in seat length; some have long while others have short. If you plan on riding with a passenger, the long one is the best choice. If you want to have fun yourself without a passenger, there are those designed that way.
    • Heavy or light? Like height and length, scooters come in a variety of weights. I don’t think you are ready for embarrassment when you cannot handle your weight. For example, it may fall over. Are you able to lift it again? Think from that point of view when choosing. The range is generally from 72 kg to 275 kg.
    • Maximum passenger weight is another consideration. Some scooters are designed to withstand a given amount of weight. Make sure to choose a scooter that can support you, and probably with your passenger if you have one.

    How Durable is the Scooter?

    Urban mobility is the most significant consideration when selecting a scooter. Most scooters are made with an urban environment in mind. Generally, your setting determines how long your vehicle will survive. Consider if you want to drive on uneven roads or outside the city or in conditions requiring extra durability.

    If you need extra durability, there are scooters designed for that. For example, there are those with 14″ wheels designed for potholes and bumps.

    Check the Quality of the Battery

    For electric scooters, the battery is an essential component because this is the heart. Most scooters come equipped with a lithium-ion battery, but there are those still using nickel, acid, or lead. Lithium-ion batteries are the best because they are incredibly light. Here you can also check;

    • Removable battery- this is a small but essential feature that you should pay attention to. Mainly check whether it is removable. If you live in an apartment where you cannot access a charging point at the parking lot, go with the one you can remove the battery from.
    • Battery Capacity and range– how far your scooter can travel depending on the battery capacity. A scooter with a large battery in capacity will travel more kilometers before needing a recharge. It is also essential to check the recharge time relative to its output. A battery that can recharge in a single night is better.

    Consider Smart Features

    In 2021, most electric scooters come with an app that you can use to manage them. The app provides information about the GPS location of the vehicles, battery status, and other information. The information allows you to get an overview of how far it will take you.

    The app may also help you to locate your vehicle in a large parking lot filled with scooters. It may also provide extra information like anti-theft movement notifications.

    Find a Scooter with a Design You Like

    It is good to consider technical features, but you will also have to consider the design. In 2021, there are plenty of scooter designs to choose from, and you will indeed find one that you like. Some look like a bicycle, and some resemble motorcycles or mopeds.

    There is a unique feeling each time you get anything in a design that you love. How you handle and maintain it is usually on another level. Whether you are looking for a functional commute scooter or something modern, you will surely get a design you like.

    Consider the User Experience

    Besides the scooter’s specifications and design, there is more that impacts your user experience. For example, you can go for a vehicle that can allow additional accessories. You cannot go for something that does not allow you to customize it to your liking.

    It is only through testing that you get to determine whether the scooter you are about to purchase fits you. Luckily, there are test drive locations across the world. We only provide information, but the final decision lies with you.


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