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Know Here How to Increase Car Battery Life Just Take These Precautions !!!

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Be it rain, winter, or summer, car battery care is very important in every season. Its battery can quickly deteriorate if not taken care of properly. Let us tell you some useful tips for its care.

The battery has its role in the car. If the battery of the car gets damaged, then there is a problem in the middle of the way. At times, there is a risk of battery damage even if the car is parked for a long time. You can extend the life of the car battery with the help of some tips. What are these tips, today we will tell you about this? Let us know some tips on battery maintenance that can prove to be helpful for you.

The battery is Bad? Check Like This

If the horn does not ring properly while driving or if the headlight is getting more or less while driving at night, then it should be understood that the health of the battery is not good. Apart from this, if white marks are seen around the terminal of the battery, then it is a sign of a bad battery. Not only this, if the battery light is not showing properly in the speedometer, then it should be understood that the battery is getting damaged.

When to Replace the Battery

Although most of the batteries nowadays are coming with a warranty of 48 months, it is often seen that the battery starts getting damaged within a year. On the other hand, if there is very good maintenance, then the battery lasts for two years. Therefore, it is better to change the battery every two years, otherwise, the problems increase later.

In this Way, the Life of the Battery will Increase

If you drive occasionally, then leave your car for a day and keep it started for some time, this will charge the battery. Apart from this, also consider whether the battery is completely fit in its place or not, because many times the battery is damaged due to weak fitting.

Never Put Grease on Battery Terminals

It is often seen that during service, mechanics apply grease to the terminal of the battery in the car, which is not good for the health of the battery. Battery experts agree that applying grease to the terminal can damage the battery. Therefore, petroleum jelly or Vaseline can be used instead of grease.

Terminal Check Required

Not checking the battery from time to time also reduces its life. According to battery experts, it is mandatory to check the battery twice a month. Often acid accumulates near the battery terminal which is the enemy of the battery. Therefore it is very important to clean it. If battery maintenance is not free and battery water is used in it.

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