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    Alfa Romeo: There are no proposals to expand the GTA range

    The Italian manufacturer reintroduced the GTA badge to Giulia, but SUV models are unlikely to be unveiled.

    The Italian manufacturer hopes that the GTA badge’s revival will help create a halo effect for the company. Particularly in the absence of the GTV and 8C rebirths for which proposals dissected last year. But product marketing chief Fabio Migliavacca said that GTA’s style will not match with other cars in the line-up of Alfa Romeo.

    The GTA represents a significant Alfa Romeo brand. We had a briefing in plainly speaking, on a Stelvio GTA. Very obviously this is not by customer expectations. We have a higher center of gravity on the Stelvio [than a Giulia] and it is not going to accomplish the same goals.

    Last year the Giulia GTA unveiled to mark the 110th anniversary of Alfa Romeo. Migliavacca said:

    The aim has been to redesign GTA as a significant achievement for our anniversary.

    So, the [original 1965 Giulia GTA] car was genuinely significant. If you think about the brand’s past symbols, there is GTA. We wanted the old principles put back. Compared with the Quadrifoglio the car had to be different. This would have been lighter. We’ve worked a lot on the Quadrifoglio to minimize weight and provide improved results as per lap time.

    Migliavacca added that there was “amazing” reaction to the Giulia GTA Referring to the pandemic coronavirus, which reached Italy, and Alfa Romeo, also, he said:

    Most people raise their hands to say, “I want to have three,” “I want to have four.” It is always an amazing reaction, given the timing.

    Just 500 examples of the GTA and more track-focused GTAm will make and Migliavacca said it already had more than 500 expressions of interest while the orders were not yet available.

    The division skewed against hardcore two-seater GTAm demands.


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