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Alonso hopes good future for friend Sainz.

Fernando Alonso hopes his countryman and friend Carlos Sainz has a future in Formula 1 upcoming season. Spaniard Sainz, who is currently driving for Alonso’s former team McLaren, is now being linked with a move to Ferrari for 2021. According to Ferrari insider Leo Turrini, If an agreement is not reached with Sebastian Vettel, he has much of a firm doubt that even Ricciardo would be interested. He may be wrong, but he considers himself much like the Australian. Thus, he doesn’t see him next to Leclerc. There are very many reasons and thoughts invested which makes Sainz the most credible candidate. This is specified by his very own blog.

Two-time champion Alonso also believes that Sainz will be able to keep up with F1’s best drivers. According to him, Carlos is doing great, and this not only was referred to his last year performance. not only last year. He believes that since Toro Rosso, he is in a great position in his profession. He had Verstappen as a partner from the beginning and after that Hulkenberg came in with him. He also admitted that he was a tough competition for him to face always. Nd every time, he performed well against him. He believes that Spain and sports are a bright future for him, and wishes the same for him.

There is more to this news as well. He went o ruling out signing anything up for F1’s official virtual online races. He also added to this, that he doesn’t have a simulator yet. The 38-year-old driver refused his existence in such profiles. He knows that all others in a career might be playing on them all day, but he isn’t just one of them. That’s all.

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