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    Are Ferrari currently the team to beat in Formula 1?

    After Ayrton Senna drove his Toleman-Hart about a soaking wet Monaco in 1984 to almost take a mythical and unexpected win over his then soon-to-be arch-rival Alain Prost, commentator James Hunt famously stated, “I believe we see the coming of Aryton Senna.” If Hunt was alive commentating and now, I can not help thinking that after viewing ‘I think we see the arrival of dominance by Ferrari.’
    And while the race of Sunday was not the Ferrari one-two that it should have been, it was pretty clear in the first half of the race Ferrari was in total control. They even had the time to think about swapping positions at the front.
    So what’s changed?
    Nevertheless, come to the first six races, Mercedes and Hamilton pulled a large guide. The driver championship race of today would have been appearing different had they not banked these wins. There was hope in Bahrain in which Ferrari must have won had it not been for some unlucky reliability, until after the summertime that Ferrari seemed to get on top of his vehicle, but it wasn’t. At the beginning of the year, the Scuderia had the quicker car in a straight line and Mercedes the quicker car through the corners (or could that actually be Red Bull?) To generating more downforce due. Ferrari appears to have sorted out their lack of downforce compared to the Mercedes by creating front wing below the nose (see old and new) and a brand new floor.

    Add collectively with apparently the most powerful engine, two drivers that are fast and this, we see a car. Before Russia, Hamilton said it was likely to be challenging to beat the Ferraris.

    Hamilton loves it

    For me, Lewis is the greatest racer. He needs to win. He does not care who it is, and he simply wants to conquer them. You get the feeling that this rivalry’s being loved by him and is happy to go up against the younger drivers to demonstrate his talent. My kind of racer (sorry, Hamilton haters). Will this year be his last championship or will Ferrari’s driver’s excursion over themselves next year? As he would have fought all of them or will next year be Hamilton’s most excellent championship fee?

    Plus, not only are we seeing a reversal of manufacturer dominance, but we’ve also got a change of drivers. Together with the likes of Albon, Verstappen, Norris, Russell, and Leclerc coming into their own, next year is going to be one of the ideals. You heard it here first. James Hunt must be smiling in his grave smoking, hopefully.


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