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As a roofless Grand Tourer with 650 Horsepower, Bentley Bacalar unveiled

Crafted by Mulliner, the world’s oldest coach-builder.

One-percenters not completely happy with the Bentley Continental GT Convertible should look forward to seeing Mulliner. The latest Bacalar built by the world’s oldest coachbuilder. That said, wealthy individuals will know that all 12 vehicles scheduled for production have already spoken for. Although the car costs £ 1.5 million (about $1.91 million at current exchange rates) for an eye-watering car.

The new Bacalar is essentially a roofless car with only two seats in place of the four-seater cabin of the Continental GTC. After last year’s quirky EXP 100 GT model. As it converted from coupe to Barchetta style. The rather polarizing exterior design takes hold.

Surprisingly, only the door handle has transferred over from the Continental. This is only due to the keyless method of entry. All of the other external pieces were designed specifically for the Bacalar.

Similar to the Continental GT. The car has a 20-mm (0.8-inch) narrower rear track. And rests on sturdy 22-inch wheels. With a three-tone finish designed specifically for the two-seat grand tourer. Instead of putting on a bland tag. Mulliner went on the rear panel with a cool “Bacalar” graphic augmented with a bronze Flying B logo.

While the outside is unquestionably different. Mulliner pulled out all the stops inside to make the Bacalar look and feel unique. The dashboard uses a super-rare Riverwood. Described by Bentley as a renewable wood from native fallen trees that have been protected for 5,000 years in peat bogs. Lakes and rivers located in East Anglia’s Fenlands, England.

About Fabrication:

The bench covers, seatbacks, and headrest side made of natural wool fabric. While the deep layer carpets of Wilton-woven pure wool complete the look. The car comes fitted with a matching set of luggage as a final touch. Using the same embroidery as seen on the chairs.


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