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    With the gradual phasing-out of Mercedes-AMG the V-8 Aston Martin needs to develop its own approach.

    Aston Martin has long borrowed Mercedes-AMG’s V-8 for their sports cars for those of you who have been living under a rock for the last decade. That very engine is running the Vantage, DB11. Even the new DBX. But that’s also a big problem because Mercedes-AMG is trying to phase out its V-8 engine gradually.

    Which leaves Aston Martin either suck it up and move to four-cylinder conversions–something that will not change for a long time to come. So, if ever–or come up with his own new powertrain. Oh, as you probably already expected. Aston is taking the better route. And is now in the process of developing an electrified-6 engine for use in most of its future cars.

    When it comes to the AMG V-8 pickle that Aston Martin found itself in. It could have worked out a couple of different directions. For Aston Martin, one choice might have been to purchase the plans and rights to develop the AMG V-8 engine-probably something that AMG wouldn’t want.

    With AMG delaying change to four-cylinder electrification as a hedge. Aston might continue to buy AMG engines for its vehicles. But who the hell wants an Aston Martin four-cylinder, am I right? The solution, instead, is to create something inside.

    This is where we need to make another major decision. Can Aston Martin make its own V-8 engines? Well, it would be ideal, because the company’s engineers have familiarity with V-8s, but Aston still falls victim to pollution regulations, and ultimately V-8s will probably no longer cut the mustard.

    This is where the electrified V-6 comes in, but it’s not as easy as designing and sticking a hybrid V-6 in next-gen vehicles.

    The new powertrain will satisfy all of the consumer expectations for the company, from performance to engine sound to acceleration.


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