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    Bathurst 1000 Runner Up Claims To Hit at McLaughlin

    The Bathurst 1000’s runner up Garth Tander questioned the present winner of the race, Scott McLaughlin’s that the safety car controversy would not leave any effect on the current potential outcome of the race.

    According to news and rumors Tander and Triple Eight partners Shane Van Gisbergen were one of the worst affected teams when the McLaughlin’s DJR team. Comparing to the team-Penske, the teammates Fabian Coulthard slowed drastically behind by the safety car this Sunday.

    The delay removed any further chances due to any fuel advantage Tander and Van Gisbergen has gained over McLaughlin and his co-driver by stopping at the previous caution point-Tander added in his recent interviews. Both McLaughlin and Tander had said about this event in the previous week’s episode of the loud pedal podcast. But Tander did not but it, pointing how hard it was to pass because of the reason why car’s speed may not have acquired the correct and required track position.

    Scott added on that same interview that it didn’t affect the race result, because there was still 30-odd laps to reach that point.

    It is still a matter of the fact that this affected the race result in the end. It definitely affected the running order and the strategy of the teams was much more affected who were behind the Fabs.

    Scout added that we could have popped out fifth, sixth or seventh if that played normally. A new reported commented “We saw that with Whincup, everyone was attempting to save the fuel in the last phase of the race, so they came in, to refuel the cars in the last round of the race, so that they could run full fuel to the end and he couldn’t get past James Courtney to get back onto the podium.

    Adding on, they said we followed the other cars that were faster than us in the second lap, faster than the other competitors in the race and they couldn’t even pass them on.

    McLaughlin’s had a very fast car, but when they got behind the pointy end, they got stuck behind Reynolds, Courtney, Van Gisbergen. This did affect the race result at the end.


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