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Ford Is Ready To Roll On With The Unorthodox 2001 Ford Taurus RWD

If you think of some of the automobiles companies which always think out of the box and have surprised the automobile market, one name which suits the given condition is Ford. From being the first auto manufacturer to automate production with an assembly line to being able to avoid bankruptcy in the 2008 financial collapse in America, the company has always come up with something extraordinary to shock the market.

Ford has come up with 2001 Ford Taurus RWD, which belongs to the Taurus model, a model of which six generations have been produced over the past 34 years. Taurus was a significant milestone for the company as it had an influential design that brought many new features and innovations to the marketplace.

If you want to explain the 2001 Ford Taurus RWD in one word it would be, the humble sedan has been given the heart of Toyota Supra Mk3, which is an unusual combo. On the first look, you may erroneously consider it as a simple car, but it hides the secret underneath its body panel.

Entire power terrain has been swapped and has been loaded with 2.5 L 1JZ-GTE VVTi inline-six connected to a W58 five-speed manual transmission and Lexus LS400 differential that power the rear wheel to make it a rear-wheel drive, which has replaced factory V6 and drivetrain.2001 Ford Taurus has the DNA of its predecessor which can be corroborated by having a look underneath its body panel where the rear subframe is from a Lexus LS400, power steering is swapped and has been crammed with manual steering rack from Ford Mustang, the front BC Coilover are a take-off from Mazdaspeed3 and the rear coilover are from CXRacing.

To revamp its performance, there are are many conspicuous changes on the exterior like lowered ride height, big XXR wheels, the exhaust sticking out of the side of the front, and a few extra holes to direct air to the engine bay. Also, a new hydraulic handbrake system adds to its features.

2001 Ford Taurus though simple in its design and style, but when it comes to performance, it could prove to be a real beast.


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Saransh Pandey
Saransh Pandey
Pursuing Mechanical engineering from National Institute of technology ,Agartala

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