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    BMW Vision iNEXT Future Car

    The BMW Vision iNEXT concept car is designed with people in mind and focuses on people’s needs and desires for travel.

    The body of the BMW Vision iNEXT concept car uses a liquid grey rose bronze color, which can be changed from bronze to deep rose in a different light so that the whole car is dynamic even in static.

    The double kidney grid is no longer separate, but the middle section is connected. The VisioniNEXT side window has a unique shape with blue sashes on the front, back and sides, which illuminate when the door is opened to highlight the outline.

    Since the Vision iNEXT uses an electric system that does not require cooling, the double kidney grille is not used for ventilation but is embedded with various sensors. Its headlights are long and narrow, and the windshield extends upwards into a panoramic glass roof. In addition, its rearview mirror is replaced by a camera, and the traditional door handle is replaced by an inductive light-emitting area, which makes the appearance more modern. The door is large in size and has no B-pillars. When opened, you can see the inside of the car.

    The front row in the Vision iNEXT interior is two separate seats, and the rear is a bench that can accommodate up to four people. The lines of the interior are simple, and the materials and colors are more eye-catching. The mix of fabric and wood gives the interior a more furniture feel. The interior is mainly decorated in nude colors such as brown, beige, and Purus Rosé, complemented by bronzed metal accents.

    There are no instruments in the cabin, no control buttons, only two displays. The design and material of the Vision iNEXT console are the same as that of the furniture. There is a piece of crystal glass between the wooden table and the bronze base. The light that penetrates into the cabin passes through the refraction of the glass, allowing the entire cabin to be bathed in colorful — refracted in light.

    The Vision iNEXT driver can choose between manual driving (Boost mode) or automatic driving (Ease mode). The Boost mode uses an electric system to ensure a dynamic and quiet driving while achieving zero emissions. Drivers and passengers have more freedom in Ease mode and are able to engage in a wide range of activities, whether it is rest or interactive entertainment.

    In Boost mode, the steering wheel is facing the driver, while in Ease mode, the driver’s environment will change, and the steering wheel will be slightly indented to make more room. The content on display also switches from driving-related content to exploration mode, providing drivers and passengers with advice on surrounding locations and activities. The headrests of the front seats are foldable so that the front passengers can more comfortably talk to the rear passengers.

    There are many smart technologies inside the cabin, but they are mostly hidden and visible and operable only when the occupants need it. In the future, wood or fabric surfaces can also be used for operation, and screens are no longer a necessity. Smart projection can make any surface an interactive screen.

    Vision iNEXT’s technology highlights include smart personal assistants, smart materials and smart light. The intelligent personal assistant can be operated with only voice, in addition to the basic in-car operation, it can also remotely close the window in the home. In Ease mode, the wooden surface of the centre console will replace the touch screen, wave your fingers, make specific gestures, and perform music playback.

    In the future, more information will be projected in a projection, completely without the need for a display. The light can be either a reading light or an interactive projection screen, and the text content in the book can be supplemented by images, active content, interactive graphics, and the like.


    BMW’s iNEXT series is focused on the future of the car, especially the future car with fun driving. The project started in 2007 and evolved into the release of the BMW i3 in 2013. Now BMW and MINI have launched more electric models. The next step will be to integrate automation, connectivity, power and service better. The BMW Vision iNEXT concept car is designed with people in mind, focusing on people’s needs and desires for travel, and showing how smart cars can make our lives easier and better. By 2021, BMW will also officially launch the production version of iNEXT.


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