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The Historic Changes denied by FIVA

Technical advancements have been for ages. It has been a continuous process. The base on which Research and improvement depend is the need for comfort. Similar trends have surged to the surface with the Vehicles.

These days we have seen the dynamic derivatives of many a classic model. This effort has been opposed by the global body repressing historic car clubs. They have openly come against the growing trend of fitting electric drivetrains to classic cars.

The official words by the FIVA, the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens, were that it could not promote the owners and the regulations related to them to replace the powertrain of a historic vehicle. They said they represent an organization dedicated to the preservation, protection, and promotion of historic vehicles.

The Organisation stated that the new parts added to the vehicle has nothing to do with them and is ultimately a personal choice for the owners. But they had to interfere in the case of changing the power train itself. They argued on the installation of a new, more modern form of propulsion going against the advocacy of the maintenance of the old cars. They pressed on their role in maintaining the correct historical correct condition and keeping the related culture alive.

The vice president, Tiddo Bresters said, it was not the shape and body style of the car that makes it historic. It is the way in which was constructed and manufactured mattered the most.

Further, he gave some views and recommended that the companies who wished and were keen to undergo an EV conversion to the cars in such a way that the car components and features are restored similar to the traditional ones, and they turn historic.

The FIVA has defined a car to be historical that is a mechanically propelled road vehicle 30-year-old and is a part of industrial and cultural heritage. The vehicle cannot be used as a daily drive and has to be maintained in periods to maintain its historic properties.

These actions have been done due to Jaguar revealing its E type Zero and the Aston Martins official words of beginning the EV conversion era.
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