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    The Honda Civic one year review: Again?

    It was one of the best beasts we had been living with for decades.
    The CTR is the fan name to the cab, and now, it looks like an impossible thing to part with. Being attached is so hard to give up. It was a perfect, comfy commuter, mountain tripper, general road excellence, and a great performer of its time.

    There nothing in the performance to hurt. It is all the tenacity. Just, had there been some advancements to pull it off the net of 5.4 seconds in 60 mph. There had been a test with the Michelin sports accessories on the old one, and there were measurable numbers added to the improvement list and performance, but what matters more is the added confidence and comfort.

    Comfort is not to be the talk on here, but it gives what it could with ease on the road surface, less wind noise, and wide dispersions on the highway routes. Also, it gets added with the three-way adjustable dampers. There were tests with sports accessories, and we got a positive response.

    The seats are comfortable with support and bolstered and no bracing up from the corners or any problem with the lap. Also, the number of occupants could be more than 4, just in case of the high schools and there were no complaints from them. The paint was good, and there were no blisters or break down or discolor and felt like a new one after a year.

    The conditioning system worked like cream to give the owners fresh or warm air and was in demand with a range from 20 to 105. It went 20000 miles for 835 gallons across the year, and we also found self-reports of even 34 mpg.

    It though took time to get used to the style of the car, but later, it was awesome. Some few upgrades, such as the first paddles and minor changes in the braking system, may be required to complete the up-gradation process. Though the future was unsure due to a single manufacturing factory in Swindon, England and it was though to retain more money value but couldn’t work on that.

    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
    Madhav Kumar is a student at BIT Sindri pursuing Electrical Engineering and has great interest in writing and research. He wants to share his experience with more people and also, learn from them.


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