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Bottas says Mercedes not considering Vettel

There is no confirmation of Vettel’s s next team. Is it that Bottas will leave Mercedes? Will he give way to the four-time champion to join Mercedes for making up an all-time champion line up? Well, according to his private assurances, Bottas speaks differently. He says Mercedes is not in support of the super line up. And that they are not looking for the four-time champion. We also keep an eye for Mercedes team Principal Toto Wolff. And he is not moving away from mentioning Vettel in any of his interviews after his plans of leaving Ferrari were published. Earlier, we mentioned him saying that taking in Vettel was not lip service. And that Mercedes owes him a chance. They aren’t going for a direct no to his welcoming, rather, think on the matter, for the best choices.

But things are different from Bottas. He is getting a direct no from his team on Vettel. So, there is no danger for him from his job at Mercedes. He is pretty honest with his team and gets the same response. So, it is always clear with them, what is and how is the future contract wise. There is nothing to worry about for him. And for his status of the contract, he went on to say that he keeps it clear. Yes, he may go with multi-year contracts, but there are always options. Every season is the same for him open this matter, nothing different, nothing to worry.




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