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    Bronco Electric Ford comes with Tesla batteries and 5-speed manual

    By now most of you have been acquainted with Omaze. For some 8 years now, the website has been running. Collecting funds for numerous causes by hosting sweepstakes. With different prizes like a long list of vehicles.

    In the past year or so, we’ve seen Omaze selling anything like a one-off 1965 Beetle convertible tuned by Zelectric to work on Tesla batteries to one fortunate winner of this or that sweepstake. So, a Karma Revero GT from the first lots of output. For example, the list is a lot longer.

    The goody on Omaze this week is a car that you occasionally. So, never – get to see on the road:

    A first-generation Ford Bronco, the engine dug down and replaced with an electric motor and a Tesla battery pack.

    Painted in Brittany blue with a black fabric bikini top. The Bronco preserves all the original looks of the iconic Ford brand, it can only drive for as much as 200 miles with zero emissions. The electric motor produces no less than 400 horsepower. And all aspects did into a 5-speed manual transmission.

    The conversion made by a company named Gateway Bronco. A group that used to make their Bronco builds to go for as much as $650,000 and break auction rates. As it did in January 2020 Barrett-Jackson sale.

    We’re told this Tesla-powered Bronco is one of only two such Gateway-built vehicles. And sold by Omaze means if people involved it will potentially collect much more capital. On the other hand, if life allows it, any lucky guy or gal might have it for as little as $10, and not only the car but even a $20,000 reward to enjoy at will. Combined, the two priced at $301,548 per Gateway.

    The funds collected in this sweepstake will go to Big League Impact, a consortium of MLB players and supporters who fund social relief, safety and wellness, healthcare or water services in countries that need them.


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