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    Would you have a brand-new car on the market?

    It’s been about a month after the novel coronavirus epidemic has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. And the automobile industry is among the industries most seriously affected. Not only have the carmakers shut down plants around the world. But there has been a dramatic drop in new car sales.

    Many automakers are promising major discounts to keep vehicles coming into dealerships. With premium vehicles currently selling for more than $10,000 off their standard stickers. Below is the top offers possible for luxury vehicles in the US in April 2020.

    If you’re on the Lambo Huracan Evo market, then it’s probably the right time to buy one. Since the pandemic has of course not changed the cash flow.

    The supercar is only available with a $16,269 discount, which means it’s coming in at $248,000, rather than $264,969 before the offers. It’s not, of course, an economical car yet. But you can spend the difference in options, something entirely new. For example, $16,000 is a little higher than a Nissan Versa entry-level bid.

    8 Series Of BMW:

    Also available is the BMW flagship coupe model with a strong discount of approximately $11,000. But that is no surprise. The German maker is having a rough time selling the 8 Series in the United States, with surplus versions since March remaining on dealer lots.

    Since the 840i trim retails from below $90,000, it is a pretty significant discount that hits about 13 percent of the value of the coupe.

    7 Series Of BMW:

    The 7 Series sedan comes with a discount as well. BMW is taking a good $10,164 off the initial four-door model. When you look at the new 740i trim and almost 10 percent off the 750i xDrive edition, that’s almost 12 percent.

    About BMW I8:

    The i8 electric sports car is the third Bimmer with a major discount that you can purchase from. The German business is selling this model $10,145 down. This retails from $147,500. It means a reduction of 6.9 percent.


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