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    Bugatti bike function can in any way be redone

    I have on my Website offered a variety of Layouts with Bugatti-input, ranging from the Chrysler Atlantic, Artioli愀 and VW Bugattis, through Custom Bicycles and designs for a T41 Sport Carrera, to quite modern Layouts by Tsikolia. This is not because I believe the first Bugatti function can in any way be redone, but it is interesting to understand how young and new designers try to interpret the older Bugatti soul into a new layout. And some are successful, some not. The designs are from even a meditation session or a fantasy. Sleek curves bodies fueled by dreams of motorcycles and racing cars . They are futuristic and classic . When these bikes appear straight out of the TRON film, they’re in fact designs of road bicycles. On this page, I show two layouts, either. I have the title of this yellow bike designer: Alexander Sekirash. He says about his design:

    Ettore Bugatti never produced motorbikes, and specialized in building cars. The wonderful design of BUGATTI’s cars nevertheless inspired me to create these”BUGATTI” bikes.

    I found out the patterns of the companies fashion and romantic spirit of the 30s and investigated pictures of street and sports automobiles from the period of the famous marque’. I tried to envision how they would have evolved to our days out of the 30s. I worked on the foundation of YAMAHA and HONDA bicycles because Japanese bicycles are distinguished by prices, higher quality, and performance.
    I picked two possible suspension designs – mono and classic, based on the Yamaha GTS 1000 version.

    Like in the 30s, the makeup is based on a curved line that extends into the rear mud-guard. The bicycle body is divided in two colors – black and yellow, as it was normal in some BUGATTI models. It is understood , that servicing the Yamaha GTS 1000 is a more delicate matter than servicing a Honda CBR. I designed an alternative model based on a front suspension. Although I based our decorative lineup on a BUGATTI of the 30s, I was really careful to style my version in this way it would still seem modern and maybe even”avant-gardist”.

    At a speed of 230 km per hour, motorcycle runs Using its engine. Consumers interested in the car industry’s history should very much appreciate our BUGATTI bicycle. As the engine comes from bicycles and the chassis there should be any issues with service.


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