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Shojaie Automobile delineates is an ideal muscle bike of the future

What can truly be deemed the monster the Ostoure super road bike from Shojaie Automobiles is exceptional, powerful and features an immaculate design that makes it stand apart from different bikes you may have come across on street. The inspiration for the design came from ancient Persepolis’ stone engravings which are combined together with a heads-up display that was in-helmet and the cutting edge design. What Shojaie Automobile delineates is an ideal muscle bike of the future.

Unveiled at the Big Boys Toys display, Atlantis the Palm/United Arab Emirates, 1st February 2013, the super street bike, according to Mohammad Reza Shojaieand details, combine looks to present an elegant appearance with stance. The Ostoure motorbike is the blend of motorcycles and comes out for a new class in itself. Why is this bicycle offers the unique riding experience is that the vertical position of the handlebar with two causes (similar to ones in automobiles ) that makes gear changing easy.

Powering this menacing beast is a turbocharged inline six-cylinder BMW engine which outputs 200 bhp at 6500 rpm and a peak torque of 210 Nm at 4050 RPM. The engine is linked with Six-speed Manual gearbox using Paddle Shifter making it sprint from 0-100 km/h in 2.5 minutes (which translates to Bugatti Veyron SS) using its high speed at 350km/h.

Other noticeable features of the bicycle contain the purpose-built helmet with AC Speaker, a head-up display, Bluetooth Helmet Intercom Communication Systems, Phone, Power and windshield. Hit beyond the jump to find out more details in the press release.


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