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Cable Girls Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, When Will The Netflix Series Return?

Cable Girls speak about one. Every girl has their definition of equality’, this is not because of the differences between their cultures and societies but due to the lifestyles they live and the type of experiences that are followed.

Cable Girls Season 5

Centuries have passed, and people have evolved from their novels full of social stigmas. Earlier days were not so easy for women. The 1920’s, Spain, where girls didn’t display much power and freedom. This is precisely what Cable Girls deals with within its five seasons.

What are Cable Ladies around?

Cable Girls is a Spanish period drama that is produced by Netflix. This was the first series that Netflix spent. It is interpreted initially as’Las chicas del cable’.

The show is set in the year 1928 at Madrid, in which four women become familiar and become friends after they begin working at a telecommunications firm started working in the city.

The series finds the complications of being a true working-women where they live under the society while trying to find a balance between family, work, and friendship.

At the start of the show, we watch Alba (now recognized as Lidia), attempting to waver off allegations of murder by robbing a newly operating telecommunications company in exchange for her freedom for a police officer.

Helpless, she changes her identity and gets a cable woman in the company’s work to perform her plan. Little did she know, she meets shares an instant connection and three girls. While side-by-side resolving the barriers, In the second and third seasons, they explore their friendship.

From the fourth season, Lidia finds it challenging to choose a route and looks to repay her debt to the police officer. One of Lidia’s friend is accused of murder while others attempt to save her. The season ends with Angeles’ passing and also the women going their separate paths.

In the final year (#5), the deadline for the show is between 1936 and 1939, during the Spanish war. The narrative introduces Sophia, Angeles’ daughter that leaves her house to be part of the war. This astounds the three girls and brings them together once again to get Sophia back home safely.

When will Cable Girls season 5 part 2 release (date)?

Well, Cable Girls is made up of five seasons in total, while fifth being the last installation. Season 5 is said to have ten episodes complete. The first batch of five chapters has already been dropped on February 14, 2020, and the next installment of five will probably arrive on July 3, 2020. These will be the last few episodes that will show the ending of all four protagonists.

Is there a trailer for Cable Girls season 5 part 2

Well, yes. The next part’s trailer is here, and it is thrilling to see. The three girls attempt to rescue Sophia with their struggles. They also face the fact that Carmen never died in the first place and has returned to pay back to her friends and Lidia.

Who’s in the cast of Cable Girls season 5 part 2

The four beautiful women are: Nadia de Santiago (like Maria Inmaculada Suarez), Ana Fernandez (as Carlota Rodriguez de Senillosa), Blanca Suarez (as Lidia Aguilar Davila and previously know as Alba Roero Mendez) and Maggie Civantos (as Angeles Vidal).

The other cast includes Martino Rivas, Concha Velasco, Angela Cremonte, Ana Polvorosa, Yon Gonzalez, and Antonio Velazquez. Since Angeles has died, she would no longer be seen but Sophia (played by Denisse Pena), Raúl Mérida, Alex Hafner, and Leticia Etala have been added into the list.


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