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    Knightfall Season 3: Release Date, Plot And How Did The Previous Season End?

    If you’ve played Assassin’s Creed, you’d understand who the templars are. However, here is a take on their lives where they’ve honor and pride. Wouldnt you want to see that. Everyone likes a historical narrative with armors and knights and quests.

    Not to forget the backstabbing and epic sword fights. It’s in the 1307s in the era of King Philip IV of France. The protagonist here’s the leader expect once the news of this Holy Grail resurfacing comes into the picture.

    What Happened To Talus In Knightfall?

    In the season two finale, the templars were burned at the stake when Talus, played by none other than the mythical Mark Hamill, includes a surprise attack. He’s got practice from Star Wars. The Templars are freed by him and then help a group escape.

    Than being captured again given the history of Talus, he said that he’d rather die fighting for God. This made the fans think that Talus must have expired since he struggled with the guards. He was seen limping away after killing the guards but was not engaged in the finale anymore. However, it would be cruel to the creators to kill Talus off-screen. Therefore we might have the ability to see him next season.

    Release Date

    Currently, with only the discontinuation of the show’s news, there is no such news on the show’s renewal or the date on. However, with petitions making the rounds online, audiences can undoubtedly expect that History eventually decides to make viewers come true concerning the show’s desires!

    How Did The Previous Season End?

    From the finale episode of season 2, viewers saw Landry and Gawain in tiffs on who caused the vast majority of the battle between King Philip and the Templars. However, they soon realize that instead of pointlessly arguing, run for their own lives, and they need to work collectively. He starts to search for Princess Margaret of Burgundy, to find her in the tower dying in his embrace eventually. At the same time, the king instructed Prince Louis to obtain the Templars, dismissing what has been requested of him. We see the pope as utterly disgusted by King Philip. In turn, Philip prays and proceeds to tell his daughter to become their queen and visit England.


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