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    Car Company Maruti Suzuki launches 3 new low loan scheme, EMI to be decided according to customer convenience

    To increase sales of its cars, Maruti Suzuki has launched three new schemes of cheap loans in collaboration with private sector ICICI Bank.

    There is a scheme in this, in which the customers have to pay the first three installments based on just Rs 899 per lakh. After this, their monthly installment will increase. This will help the customers whose income has been affected due to Coronavirus lockdown currently.

    Under the second scheme, the customer will have to pay a monthly installment of Rs 1797 per lakh for the entire duration of the loan. The specialty of this loan scheme is that the customer will have to pay a quarter of the entire loan amount together as the last installment.

    The third scheme is designed in such a way that the monthly installment amount of the customer will be increased by 10 percent every year so that he does not get a lump sum burden and the installment increases as the income increases. First-year customers can start with EMI at Rs 1752 per lakh.

    Not only this, but ICICI Bank has also announced a loan of 100 percent on-road price of Maruti Suzuki cars. Shashank Srivastava, executive director (sales and marketing), Maruti Suzuki, says that the atmosphere created due to Kovid-19 will also have to take care of the interests of customers to increase sales. Our sales are likely to pick up due to the variety of choices available to customers.


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