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Carey admits No racing for 2020

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F1 CEO Chase Carey admits that there is no further F1 track racing possible in 2020. he assumes such a note due to the ongoing pandemic crisis. Though, we also have come up with the news of Liberty Media.

They are currently trying to get back on the track with the so-called back to back ghost races. These are dated for the weekends of July. Similar plans are heard of IndyCar and MotoGP. They too, plan to hit the throttle again in a limited way in June and July respectively. Carey said that the later part of the year may give us a view of the spectators on the benches, but not now. They are at present having a lot of discussion with the promoters and track managers.

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They are exploring every option possible, even the tracks not in their calendar to make it a better one. However, they have no words on guaranteeing the fact of no further races to be held this year.

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Talking of revenue and losses, the first half of 2020 has hit the F1 hard. There are expected losses of 200 million dollars loss, which accounts for 84 percent of the revenue of F1 tracks. This has hit the bottom line and has hurt the fans as well.

But there are always some chances of hope. This time it is the Monza announcing its plans for the Grand Prix in September are on track. Corriere Dello Sport said an Austria-style back-to-back Italian GP event is even possible. The Italian automobile club chief Angelo Sticchi says they don’t have the crystal ball to know what will happen in early September. They hope for the emergency to be over, they are hoping for a miracle. This makes them prepare today for a Grand Prix behind closed doors.

But for the moment, the  F1 world seems generally rallying behind the ‘ghost race’ plan that is initially spearheaded by Red Bull mogul Dietrich Mateschitz. Former driver Marc Surer states it quite a positive signal from the Formula 1. It is even costing Dietrich Mateschitz a lot of money because as the organizer, Red Bull loses if the spectators can’t come.

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