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Cupra Tavascan: The Future Ready All-Electric Car

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SEAT sports, one of the most renowned brands of motorsports division, working under the aegis of Spanish automobile manufacturer SEAT, was established in 1985. The main aim of this subsidiary brand was to compete in rallying and touring car racing as well as to develop high-performance vehicle to run on roads rather than F1 tracks. The company also manufactures high-performance components for SEAT road car versions as well. It was in the year 2018 when SEAT created the Cupra Brand as it’s independent high-performance branch.

Now take a tour of this mesmerising exterior of this all-electric coupe SUV, the chassis including the exterior is made from carbon-fibre which is build to focus on reducing aerodynamics constraints completely. The front end is carved from two large “S ducts” vents leading through the nose channel and finally ending up on the bonnet. The bumper is hallowed out to ensure smooth airflow across the sides. The 22-inch alloy wheelbase features intricate fins which help to reduce minimal turbulence and provides a gliding path to drive smoothly. Now coming to the interior looks, the concept tags a 13-inch infotainment screen, supporting advanced graphic rendering and a completely new layout. The dashboard as hoods a 12.3 inches digital display instrument panel.

The Cupra Tavascan sports a twin electric motor setup with one of each axle for four-wheel drive, capable of delivering a total power of 320 Bhp and can accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 6.5 seconds. The model is power-packed by a 77 kWh battery pack which is capable of delivering a range of 280-miles on a single charge. The company claims to be one of the most efficiently designed car by Cupra right now. Besides the recent launches, the company claims to be prepared to showcase two high-performance plug-in hybrid vehicles in 2020.

Rumours and leaks hints strongly, that special highlights will be seen in the production model of Cupra Tavascan which will showcase Cupra’s signature copper highlights. The model is purely designed keeping in mind the performance and efficiency. While the prices are not yet revealed, but one thing is crystal clear, this model dares to redefine the future of vehicles.

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