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    Delay for Harley Davidson Pan America And Bronx Launch

    The Corona Crisis is on the move. And it is going all over the Automobile industry, forcing them on new decisions and delayed launches. I earlier mentioned one of these, and am again here, now, with Harley Davidson. These updates come directly from the Harley Davidson website. It got updated with the news of delayed and new launch timetables. The notification of a new timetable for the launches is pertaining to the two motorbikes, Pan America and the Bronx streetfighter model. Both these bikes, along with their customs of 125cc, are being pushed to 2021. Primarily, the originals were for 2020 and their timeline gets rescheduled, but the customs are on their right path. Along with this, there may be the arrival of Harley’s electric bicycle range also in 2021.

    Coming to the reasons for these reschedule of delayed launches, the Corona crisis and market lockdown are not the only reasons. Though they have brought havoc on many of the industries, including Harley Davidson, they may be able to survive this reason. Another prominent reason may be the managerial reshuffle that occurs in the company. Mark Levatich, the brand’s president and CEO, stepped down this March. He was replaced by Jochen Zeitz, the board chairman for the interim period. Only a matter of a few days ago, he was made there permanently. With these circumstances to develop in the background and officials, Harley Davidson also announced their Rewire plan recently. The prime aim of the plan is to restore the old glory of the company and take it to restored heights.

    Now, since the launches of Pan America and Bronx international arrival is due for 2021, it is clear that their launches in India will also get postponed. Here, we can expect them on to our shores by early 2022. The Harley Davidson Pan America is going to be the brand’s first full-blown adventure bike. This is sure to bring more glory and appeals to the new customers as well as the old ones. This bike was showcased at the 2019 EICMA and you can get all the information in there. These two bikes are also going to set a strong base for the upcoming performance-oriented sub-liter-class streetfighter segment.

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    Furious Mad
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