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    Disenchantment Season 3 Cast, Plot, Storyline And Everything You Know So Far

    Disenchantment is a comedy genre animated series solely available on Netflix. It stars princess Bean who is courageous and alcoholic, along with her elf companion Elfo and her personal demon Luci. The story is set in the imaginary kingdom of Dreamland dating back to medieval times.

    Disenchantment: Cast and Crew

    It stars princess Bean who is an alcoholic (with the voice of Abbi Jackson), Luci who is the personal demon of Bean(with the voice of Eric Andre), Elfo is the optimistic dwarf and friend of Bean(with the voice of Nat Faxon). The other characters include King Zog, Queen Oona, prince Merkimar, Herald, Sorcery, Stan, Queen Dagmer, Bunty, and Oval.

    Disenchantment: When will season 3 go on air?

    Netflix has already published the teaser for season 3 of Enchantment. Now the awaiting audiences are eager for the show to go on air soon. Season 3 was supposed to go on air by August 2020 and season 4 by 2021. But the pandemic outbreak is supposed to have posed some problems. Nevertheless, it is expected to go on air as early as possible.

    Disenchantment: Plot and Storyline

    The animated series Enchantment revolves around Bean who is the official princess of Dreamland. But despite the lavish lifestyle she lives in, she is unhappy as she is not given the freedom she desires. The first season projects more about the kingdom and its inhabitants in detail along with some punches however the storyline comes into picture only in season 2 when Bean comes to know a prophecy that she will have to fulfill soon. In season 2, Bean puts forth her heroic character and does whatever she could to restore her stone turned kingdom, back to glory with the help of her personal demon Luci and other supporting characters. With the first 2 seasons being enthralled by quite a good number of spectators, the audiences are expecting season 3 would be full of adventures and unravel hidden secrets before Bean fantasizing and thrilling the audiences.


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