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Doom Patrol Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And More Upcoming Detail

The amazing TV show Doom Patrol is again set to return with its new season. The supernatural series is premiered both on HBO Max and DC Universe. The first two seasons of the series gained a lot of popularity among the viewers and also a good amount of fan followers. This left us to only one question, Will there be a third season for the same?

And to the answer, Yes, the journey is definitely going to be continued. Let us know more about the third season.


The official release date of the new series is not yet confirmed. And seeing the current shutdown in the production industry due to coronavirus, the third season in cannot be expected before 2021, or can even take up to 2022.


The main cast of the series includes

  • Diane Guerrero.
  • April Bowlby.
  • Alan Tudyk.
  • Matt Bomer.
  • Brendan Fraser.
  • Timothy Dalton.
  • Joivan Wade.


The plot of the series follows showing heroes and their amazing powers. Of course with superheroes comes supervillains. The series is a mere combination of supernatural elements along with fight and action scenes, followed by an excellent storyline.

Though the plot of the third season os not yet known, we can expect it to answer the unsolved mysteries of the previous seasons, and fans can also expect to see more superpowers.


The trailer of the series has already been released and can be watched online.


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