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    Drifters Season 2: What To Expect

    The popular Japanese fantasy anime Drifters is based on the manga written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano. After a successful first season, fans are praying for another season of the anime.

    The first season it was aired from October 2016 to December of the same year. A sequel was announced in 2016 itself, but no official announcement or cues of season 2 coming yet have left fans on the edge of the seats. So, here’s all we know about The Drifters.

    Will There Be A Second Season Of The Drifters?

    The first season of The Drifters concluded in December 2016. At that time, a second season was hinted at right after the conclusion of the first. The season 1 finale saw the following announcement being made ” To be continued Second Season. See You Again. Tokyo 20XX. Sayonara. “

    The following announcement made fans to believe that there will be another season. However, almost four years later since The Drifters first aired there hasn’t be a news or a single development. This has lead fans to think that there actually won’t be another season.

    Also, the announcement talked about 20XX, which could help technically me any year. So, even if there is another season, fans could be left waiting for a very long time.

    Plot Of The Show

    The story follows the life of Shimazu Toyohisa who is transported to the Modern-day parallel world, but he actually belongs from the middle ages. When he wakes up in the new world, he realises it’s filled with fantastic beasts and people. Shimazu gains new friends along the way and fights tyrants with them by his side.

    When Will Season 2 Be Released?

    A release date for the show hasn’t been made official yet. Although the show is supposed to be renewed the lack of any development could be due to inadequate content as of now. In fact, there are only six volumes as of yet, out of which 4 have been covered in season 1. To make matters worse three OVAs have covered almost half of volume 5.

    So we may need to wait for new volumes before production of the second season can actually begin. As of now we can only assure you that the writers are working hard and we can expect new volumes of the manga in 2020.

    We will keep you updated with the latest developments.


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