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Ducati Panigale is the bestselling superbike in the world

That too, for the second year straight!

  • Ducati sold 8,304 motorcycles worldwide in 2019, under the Panigale brand.
  • Last year the Italian brand sold 53,004 bikes worldwide.
  • So, Ducati announced that a new motorcycle will unveil in the coming months, under the Scrambler brand.

The Ducati Panigale series has emerged as the world’s highest-selling superbike among all the superbikes from different brands around the world. What’s even more noteworthy is that given the global economic recession. The company has done this for the second straight year.

Today the Panigale family includes both the Panigale 959 and the V4 series. The two other all-new liter-class motorcycles launched in 2019 were the BMW S 1000 RR 2019 and the Aprilia RSV4 2019. Aprilia, though, has less market presence than Ducati. Because it has always belonged to the division of niches.

Some of the reasons the Panigale pipped the 2019 BMW S 1000 RR may be that the Italian supersport arrives with an evocative look, exotic components, and a dynamic heavily involved. Something the once iconic beamer seems to have missed out on with its 2019 version.

Another explanation may be that some experienced operators. Who are the main clients of Supersport motorcycles more often than not? Consider the BMW a little too newbie-friendly.

Ducati has also announced the launch in the coming months of a new variant in the Scrambler brand. Provided that the Scrambler range has yet to be revised with Euro 5 specifications, expect the next motorcycle to be a special edition of sorts, marking the end of the Euro 4 generation.

Ducati finishes on a strong note in 2019. With deliveries of motorcycles reaching 53,000

  • 53,183 Ducati motorcycles sold to consumers in 90 different countries.
  • Italy remains sector number one. Growth in China, Brazil, and Spain at double digits.
  • The Panigale is the best-selling superbike in the world, for the second year running. An unprecedented number of advance orders for the new Streetfighter V4 which will commence deliveries in March 2020.


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