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FIA refers to Ferrari’s opposition to arbitration teams

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In a joint statement made by seven Formula 1 clubs. The FIA released a clarification in last week’s news. That the governing body had negotiated a deal with Ferrari on last year’s car engine inquiry.

The seven non-Ferrari driven teams. Including McLaren, Mercedes, Red Bull, Renault, AlphaTauri, Racing Point, and Williams. Released a joint statement on Wednesday announcing they “surprised and shocked” by the results. That the FIA’s Ferrari investigation. So, the FIA opted not to make public.

The Big Statement:

A statement released today from the FIA explained. The process by which the governing body had made its decision. So, the reaction to the teams ‘communiqué.

The FIA has carried out detailed technical analyzes on the Scuderia Ferrari Power Unit. As it is entitled to do for every FIA Formula One World Championship participant.

The detail and thorough inquiries carried out during the 2019 season raise suspicions. That the Scuderia Ferrari PU at all points views. As not working within the scope of FIA regulations.

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The Scuderia Ferrari strongly opposed the allegations. So, reiterated that its PU always working according to the regulations.

The FIA not fully satisfied but agreed. Those further proceedings would not necessarily result in a definitive case because of the nature of the matter. The factual difficulty of presenting the unambiguous evidence of an infringement.

To avoid the negative implications of protracted litigation. Particularly given the uncertainties about the outcome of such litigation. The best interests of the Championship and its stakeholders.

The FIA agreed, in line with Article 4(ii) of its Judicial and Disciplinary Rules (JDR). To reach an appropriate and dissuasive settlement agreement. With Ferrari with a view to ending the proceedings.

This type of agreement a procedural mechanism accepted as an essential component of any disciplinary system. And used in the management of conflicts by many public authorities. And other sports federations.

So, Section 4(vi) of the JDR calls for the protection of the terms of a mediation agreement.

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