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    First Electric Car of 2020: Seat el-Born

    The Seat el-Born is a new electric car concept from the Spanish manufacturer. At Geneva Motor Show in 2019. The car showcased, but the expected purchase is from 2020. Alejandro Mesonero Romanos designed this car.

    The basis of this car is the Volkswagen Group MEB platform, and at the Zwickau plant in Germany, alongside the Volkswagen ID, it is made. They share the same platform. The El-Born name derived from the neighbor in Barcelona.

    The el-Born contains the 62kWh battery pack with a measured 420km (261.0mi) range. A 204PS direct the car (150kW; 201bhp) electric motor and can accelerate up to 0-62mph in 7.5 seconds only. The Battery is consistent with 100kW DC supercharging and features a thermal management system.

    The Port for the charging of the car is in the right-side front. The maximum battery usage is 58.0kwh. The charge speed of the vehicle is 55kmph, and the total time car takes for charging (0-340km) is 6hour and 15 minutes. The fast charge speed of the car is 470kmph, and the quick charge time os the vehicle is 30 minutes for (34->272km). The efficiency of the Battery is 17.1kWh/100km.

    The Vehicle fur=el equivalent is 1.9l/100km, and the range of the car is 340km. The CO2 emission by the vehicle is 0g/km.

    The length of the car is 4260mm, and the width is 1810mm. The vehicle is 1550mmin height. The dimension of the wheelbase is 2765mm. Four people are maximum can be a seat in the car. The type of car-body is Hatchback, and the segment of the vehicle is C-Medium.

    The topmost speed of the car is 180kmph. The electric range of the vehicle is 340km. The maximum torque and power produced by the vehicle are 310Nm and 150kW that is 204PS.

    The expected price of the car till now, according to the united kingdom, is $28,000 and according to The Netherland, is $37,500. The car is going to be available from March 2020.


    Aditi Sharma
    Aditi Sharma
    Aditi Sharma is a student at Chandigarh group of Colleges, Mohali pursuing Computer Science Engineering and has a great interest in writing, research and modelling.


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