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    Ford Mach 1:Mustang Inspired high performance EV

    One of the most trusted names in the Automobile Industry, Ford motor company is a multinational automaker heading from America. A company sharing a long-lasting legacy since 1903, is also known for its high-performance supercars, manufacturing luxury as well as commercial vehicles and also engaged in the production of highly sophisticated automotive parts and accessories. The company also owns many high-end brands under its aegis like the Lincoln Motor Company producing luxury cars in it’s a segment. Analyzing changing trends in the automotive sectors, Ford has also unrevealed it’s first-ever upcoming commercial Electric vehicle Mach 1 which will come with a WLTP certification and providing a range of 600 km in a single charge. According to company reports, the new Mach 1 will enter the production stage in early 2020 and will be available to customers in the second quarter of the same year in the U.K. The company has not revealed further plans for other countries but expected to release dates for them as well.

    Since much of the technical specification is still a code to be decoded, we can only speculate on the battery pack and its powertrain. Rumors suggest that the new Mach 1 will be power-packed by a 100 kWh battery pack which seems to be technically comparable to the Tesla Model S. With a much improved battery management system and improved duty cycle efficiency of the battery pack so the vehicle can be used for quite a long time period. The model is supposed to be an all-wheel-drive system that hints that two electric motors, one in upfront and other in the rear will prove to be sufficient to perform AWD efficiently.

    The company has teaser the model in a short teaser video regarding the upcoming performance crossover. The new model doesn’t have any diffuser or exhaust which provides a much simple aerodynamic consideration without sacrificing too much on the company’s Signature Mustang image. Taking a glance at the interior console system, the model is expected to feature a combination of both digital and analog which will provide real-time data regarding lap time, battery charge, energy recuperation, speed and many other exciting features. Ford still has a lot of work to do as the Mach 1 needs to be it’s first successful EVs in the market.



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