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    The Rivians Electric SUVs Truck

    Recently Ford Motor became the dominant company to invest in an electric vehicle with startup Rivian. The amazon makes around $500 to $700 investment. The Rivian’s two-vehicle 1st as RIT and the 2nd is RIS. The RIT is not for each, and everyone as its starting price is very high, that is $69,000, whereas the price of RIS is $72,500. If anyone wants to buy a kilowatt battery pack, then the person has to pay thousands more. It has a 400-mile range. On the other side, the base model with a 300-mile range priced like a top of the line Ford F-150 or a GMC Sierra.

    The customers can buy the car by the second half of 2020. The prebooking of the car is available by putting $1,000, which is refundable.

    The vehicle of Rivian’s has a sleek, high-tech look from the outside. The car can go through 3 feet of water. The acceleration of the car is similar to the sports car that is 0-60mph in 3 seconds. The car produces a power of 750hp. The top speed of the car is 125mph.

    There are three types of battery capacity:

    • 105kWh, which can travel 240 miles in a single charge.
    • 135kWh, which can travel 310 miles.
    • 180kWh, which travels a maximum of 410 miles in a single charge.

    The car is to drive off-road as it has the feature of Quad Drive capability. This feature helps in controlling high-speed cornering and low-speed driving over rocks. The car even has a camera, radar, and ultrasonic and high-precision GPS with the hardware, which allows hands-off wheels and eyes off-road.

    The company mentioned that the skateboard shaped unit also helps in housing the battery pack, drive units, suspension, braking, and thermal system all just below the height of the wheel.

    The RIT can hold a maximum of 11,000 pounds. There are two LED headlights and a central light bar with no grille in the front side. The front of the car provides the 11-cubic-foot trunk, whereas the back Gear Tunnel provides more than 350liters more space. It is a seven-passenger car. There are three rows of the seat inside the car.


    Aditi Sharma
    Aditi Sharma
    Aditi Sharma is a student at Chandigarh group of Colleges, Mohali pursuing Computer Science Engineering and has a great interest in writing, research and modelling.


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