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    Ford Ranger Raptor V8 to be suspended

    The United States has been cut off the list from the Ford Ranger Raptor, as Ford makes it official that the changes have been cleared. But the good news is, the next-gen Raptor will soon see the dusk. Equipped with 4-cylinder bi-turbo diesel engine V8. It’s yet to see the performance of such a mighty pickup truck.Ford Ranger Raptor will cop the Mustang's V8 in Oz, report says ...

    Rumors are that the semi-official V8 projects have been put on hold. The cut downs by Ford all over the world during the pandemic is heartbreaking for all enthusiasts. The broken story rumored V8 Ranger Raptor also follows.

    The story states that the original idea of Ranger Raptor to be delivered to Ford’s facility in Campbellfield and to be replaced by the same 5.0-liter gasoline V8 foundV8 Ford Ranger Raptor Down Under – AutoInstruct in the Mustang. But there are no white flags yet. The project was to be handled under Premcar, who has a lot of experience in making Ford’s faster. There are chances of performance kits to be released in the future for those who want to swap over to the V8s.


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    Rishabh Chugh
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