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The Street Rod from Harley shouts freedom

There is a lot of experimentation going on in the automobile industry. And Harley gives their best shot at it. Long since Harley Davidson is known to collaborate with the different artists on its various projects, so, this news is not a surprise, but an update. This time, Harley Davidson shakes hands with the Japanese Art house Graphers Rock. This is on the pretext of their project “ Seek for Freedom.” And, now let us see what is the result of this partnership. The outcome is two fabulous custom motorcycles. These customs are primarily based on the Street Rod and the Iron 1200. Talking about their availability, the Iron 1200 custom is just one masterpiece, while there are ten units to go for the Street Rod Freedom edition. The latter is a step taken into, to bring about enthusiasm in Japan specifically.

Harley-Davidson Street Rod Freedom

The customs are described here as close as possible. While the Iron 1200 gets hand-painted panels and goes on with yellow accents, the Rod comes with a hand-painted fuel tank and blacked out panels. The fuel tank gets the color white while the word freedom written here is black in texture.

The top of this tank is kept blank. Here, the information about the Street Rod is displayed, like its 750 cc engine, the revolution X motor, described in small fonts. The center of attraction is the fuel tank. This is done by making black all over the bike, leaving only the fuel tank white. The changes to both the motorbikes are only cosmetic ones. There is no change done to either Street Rod or the Iron 1200 in a mechanical manner. The limited-edition Street Rod is now powered by the same 749cc liquid-cooled Revolution X V-twin motor that delivers 62Nm.
The Harley-Davidson Street Rod Freedom edition is for sale only in Japan. Here, the price has been kept at 998,300 Yen (approx Rs 7 lakh). Harley-Davidson recently launched its BS6 lineup, which includes both the Street Rod and Iron 1200, in India.


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