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Ford revaluating Office space in pandemic

Detroit- we hear Ford Motor Co is on the move of re-evaluation of their office space. They need the stats as a restriction put to white-collar workers’ numbers due to the coronavirus pandemic. The working and operation of the company is based on some limitation. This is one of them. Also, the rules are easing and workers are returning to workplaces.

In March, both Ford General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobile sent salaried employees to home for work from home to prevent the spread of the virus COVID-19. Last month, Ford came back with 12000 salaried employees, while others still on work from home till September. This was confirmed by Marisa Bradley, their spokeswoman. The acceleration is on move from the U.S, no. 2 automaker as the workplace is changing. Bradley speaks that as they know that fewer people will be working in the office, that means they can shrink their footprints.

At present, many other US companies are also working on work from the home number of employees and workspace they need. Ford COO Jim Farley says they may eliminate some offices as their major number of officials can work from home. He looks forward to lockdown as an opportunity to redesign how they work. FCA now holds the largest office space in the country with headquarters at U.S. Mich. Detroit suburbs. The workers will come back in phases mostly and fewer chances of consolidating offices for many automotive companies.



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