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    Is This the Future of Policing? Unveiling the Tesla Cybertruck Cop Car

    The Tesla Cybertruck has garnered significant attention from the public since its reveal in 2019. While its polarizing design has some enthusiasts excited, others remain skeptical.

    However, there may be a practical application for the Cybertruck in law enforcement according to modifications from Unplugged Performance. Through its UP.FIT division, the company has developed specialized versions of the Cybertruck tailored for police work.

    With advanced features and benefits over traditional gas vehicles, this electric pickup shows promising potential as a police cruiser.

    The Cybertruck police vehicle includes advanced lights, sirens, and communication systems

    Unplugged Performance equips the Cybertruck with optimized lighting, including LED light bars integrated around the roof and bumpers. These provide over 20% brighter illumination compared to normal police lights.

    Tesla Cybertruck Cop Car From Company

    A 110-decibel siren system is included which meets legal standards. Additionally, UP.FIT installs an enhanced radio that connects to local emergency networks. An upgraded computer features 12% larger storage to aid report filing.

    A tough ballistic shield separates the front seats providing protection. A rugged steel body also suits the harsh duty cycles of police work better than normal vehicles.

    UP.FIT offers specialized modifications for various law enforcement needs

    UP.FIT modifies the Cybertruck for different law enforcement roles. A “Patrol” option includes prisoner transport modifications, equipment storage, and pursuit rated tires for average shifts.

    A “Tactical” version adds armor reinforcements, weapon mounts, and boosted off-road ability for specialized teams. An “Admin” setup optimizes comfort and tech for detectives. UPFIT states their modifications increase capabilities while maintaining the Cybertruck’s low-maintenance and high-durability advantages.

    Early responses from test fleets indicate the electric powertrain fits well with patrol routines requiring sustained idling less than gas cruisers.

    Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y have already been successfully used by police departments

    UP.FIT has modified Tesla’s Model 3 sedan and Model Y SUV for use by police forces in the past couple years. The Anaheim Police Department took delivery of multiple Model Y vehicles outfitted by UP.FIT in 2023. These EVs accounted for around a quarter of the department’s fleet and cost approximately 21% less annually to maintain compared to gas patrol cars.

    Up.Fit Tesla Cybertruck Cop Car

    The South Pasadena Police Department also brought 20 Model Y cruisers into service with specialized equipment from UP.FIT. Both departments reported fuel and maintenance savings of over $4,500 per vehicle over gas vehicles.

    With almost no moving parts or oil changes needed, the Teslas required over 35% less unplanned repairs. This real world policing data demonstrates how EVs can sufficiently meet law enforcement needs.

    Elon Musk supports the use of Cybertrucks for police patrols

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk has voiced his approval for police use of Cybertrucks on multiple occasions. When the Rosenberg Police Department asked Musk on Twitter if the Cybertruck could viably serve as a police cruiser, he simply replied with 100% emoji. Musk has described the Cybertruck as having excellent maneuverability for pursuing suspects and towing heavy loads.

    Its claimed 7,500+ pound towing capacity is over double that of standard SUV cruisers. Musk also cites the steel exoskeleton body as being highly durable for rugged policing use-cases.

    UP.FIT’s specialized additions integrate perfectly with the Cybertruck platform to fulfill all essential duties of a modern police car, according to Musk. Only time will tell if more police forces choose to adopt this uniquely futuristic EV.

    Future demonstrations and events will showcase the new Cybertruck police vehicle

    UP.FIT plans to display their outfitted Tesla Cybertruck police vehicles at key industry events throughout the remainder of 2023. Ben Schaffer confirmed they will bring demonstrator Model Y and Cybertruck cruisers to the annual International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Philadelphia this October.

    Here, potential law enforcement customers can experience the capabilities of the vehicles first-hand. UP.FIT will also exhibit at the Performance and Racing Industry Show in December, focusing on the durability and pursuit functions of the Cybertruck for policing.

    Schaffer stated their demo fleet will log over 15,000 miles this year testing all OP.FIT modifications in real-world simulations. This will provide valuable data on costs and reliability to partners.

    Tesla Cybertruck Cop Car

    Schaffer believes the non-traditional design may attract new, younger officers and help future-proof police fleets for more electric transition.

    Final Words

    The future of policing vehicles may very well include Tesla’s Cybertruck according to UP.FIT’s work so far. Their specialized setup proves the extraordinary towing, payload and endurance of the Cybertruck can transfer effectively for law enforcement applications.

    While full fleet deployment remains off for now due to price, demonstrations planned for the remainder of 2023 aim to showcase a 26% average savings in lifetime fuel and maintenance expenses compared to gas cruisers according to UP.FIT estimates.

    With Elon Musk’s own praise and interest in this application, we may start seeing Cybertrucks serving our communities in new ways before long. Only future real-world fleet testing will fully determine the viability, but UP.FIT is making a strong early case for this exciting electric option.

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