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    Tesla Starts Selling the New Tesla Model 3 Performance in China

    Tesla has officially begun sales of its highly anticipated Model 3 Performance sedan in China. The automaker had been taking pre-orders for the new trim for about a month.

    Some initial delays were experienced in officially launching the Model 3 Performance due to regulatory approval processes. However, these issues seem to now be resolved as Tesla announces that first deliveries of the top-tier electric sedan will begin within the next few months.

    This marks an important milestone for Tesla and the growing Chinese electric vehicle market. Read this post till the end as we’ve shared everything about Tesla Model 3 Performance launch in China and what the future holds for them.

    From Model 3 Highland to Performance Trim and Tesla’s Product Evolution

    The Model 3 Performance trim represents the culmination of continuous upgrades Tesla has applied to their Model 3 lineup in China over the past year.

    Tesla Model 3 Performance China Variants

    Known initially as the Model 3 Highland, this new version brings meaningful performance improvements over previous variants. Now boasting a 0-60 mph time of 3.1 seconds, the Performance underlines Tesla’s ongoing commitment to advancing their vehicles and satisfying diverse consumer needs.

    As the first Model 3 Performance units are delivered, Tesla will look to generate more sales from this addition. Their progress in China also demonstrates the company’s ability to develop new products while adjusting to local market conditions and regulations.

    As competition intensifies, the new Performance shows Tesla’s resolve to lead in both electric technology and overall customer experience.

    Navigating Regulatory Challenges and Path to Delivery in North America and China

    Before Tesla could begin delivery of the Model 3 Performance in both North America and China, it had to go through the mandatory regulatory processes. In China, Tesla faced a delay of approximately 3 months as it worked with authorities to clear various tests.

    These included vehicle safety tests, emissions compliance testing, and providing detailed technical documentation. Finally, after addressing all queries, Tesla received approval around 6 weeks ago paving the way for initial deliveries in mid-June. Around 30% more time was spent than estimated on seeking regulatory nods.

    In North America as well, Tesla had to get the Model 3 Performance certified for additional crash tests and emission standards. However, leveraging past experience, Tesla completed this process more swiftly within 8 weeks.

    The first customer deliveries in both Canada and US markets commenced in early Q4. With regulations and testing protocols now better defined for electric vehicles, newer variants may receive clearances in a shorter timeframe in the future.

    Tesla Model 3 Performance Sale In China

    This will help automakers roll out refined models to consumers at a faster pace going forward.

    Market Potential and How the New Model 3 Performance Could Boost Tesla’s Sales in China

    The launch of the new high-performance Model 3 Performance version is expected to attract a whole new category of customers in China looking for a premium electric sports sedan. Industry analysts estimate that this variant can increase Tesla’s average sales value in China by approximately 35% due to its higher price point of RMB 335,900.

    In the first year alone, monthly sales are projected to be around 8,000 units which would raise Tesla’s total China sales by nearly 12% annually. As one of the most affordable options globally to own an electric sports car priced below RMB 350,000, it is likely to particularly appeal to younger audiences.

    Over the coming years, the addressable market segment for such premium electric vehicles is predicted to expand at a significant rate of over 20% year-on-year. This is owing to rising acceptance of green vehicles across China’s 1st and 2nd tier cities.

    The Model 3 Performance will provide Tesla an edge in effectively competing against similarly powerful gasoline models that are prevalent in this price tier. Its availability and compelling feature-set and performance are likely to attract a lot of initial buyers in China.

    Consumer Preferences and Why Many Opt for the Model 3 Performance Over the Model S Plaid

    While the Model S Plaid is considered the highest performance electric vehicle from Tesla currently, many consumers find the Model 3 Performance to be a better suited option for their requirements.

    The Model 3 Performance offers nearly 95% of the Plaid’s acceleration ability in a smaller and more affordable package priced at RMB 335,900 which is over RMB 200,000 lower than the Plaid’s price tag.

    Tesla Model 3 Performance Car Launched In China

    Its size and lighter weight of 1,862 kgs compared to over 2,300 kgs for the Model S Plaid make it a fun driving experience on winding roads according to early reviews.

    Additionally, the projected 600 km plus range of the Model 3 Performance meets the needs of most drivers avoiding the anxiety of lower ranges.

    Performance Metrics and the Speed and Range Capabilities of the New Model 3 Performance

    The refreshed Model 3 Performance is undoubtedly among the fastest electric production cars in the world currently. It can sprint from standstill to 100 km/h in just 3.3 seconds according to Tesla, which is leaps ahead of many gas powered sports cars.

    Its high power output of 500 hp also allows it to keep pulling strongly till its capped maximum speed of 261 km/h. Furthermore, the Model 3 Performance comes with an improved battery pack featuring the latest cell technology which enhances both its range and efficiency over predecessor models.

    On a single full charge, it can now cover over 623 km based on the rather conservative CLTC testing cycle standards used in China indicating the range would be even more during moderate real-world driving.

    Real-World Performance and Video Evidence of the Model 3 Performance’s Capabilities

    Early test drives have revealed that the new Model 3 Performance is just as rapid in the real world as Tesla’s claimed specifications. A recent video posted on social media shows the electric sedan accelerating from 0 to 100 kph in a mere 3.2 seconds during a highway pull.

    Its quarter-mile run was also completed in an impressive time of 10.9 seconds at 124 kph indicating the blistering straight line speed. Even with functions like climate control and infotainment operating, the driver remarked that the power delivery felt completely consistent.

    Tesla should be commended for not just promising astonishing acceleration on paper but ensuring the same explosive performance is replicated for customers. Video proof like these demonstrate how Tesla continues to transformation what modern vehicles are capable of.

    Competitive Edge and Comparing the Model 3 Performance with Traditional and Hybrid Rivals

    While the Model 3 Performance faces competition from various high-end hybrid and gasoline counterparts, benchmarking reveals its clear superiority.

    Numbers don’t lie – it outruns a BMW M340i xDrive by over a second in the 0-100 kph sprint. In a drag race with the Mercedes-AMG C43, the Tesla simply leaves it in the dust.

    Even more impressive is its low RMB 335,900 starting price that undercuts the opposition despite additions like the M340i costing over RMB 20,000 more.

    With impressive real-world range exceeding 600 km per charge as well, the Model 3 Performance provides stronger value over its conventional and plug-in competitors.

    After the large tax incentives, it emerges as the clear frontrunner in the sports sedan segment on performance as well as pocket-friendliness.

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