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    GM to ramp plants with low running dealers

    GM to ramp plants with low running dealers

    DETROIT-there is great news from Detroit confirming that General Motors here are in a good position. They have overcome their parts supply chain challenge. And this will enable them to go for a boost in production starting tomorrow. There will be three functional facilities, making mid and full-size pickups. They will be working in three shifts from June 1. They were going for one shift this week du to fewer parts in hand. bBUt now, conditions will permit good production next week. According to General Motors, two other crossover factories from the US and Canada will go for two shifts as well. Although, its five assembly plants will work in one shift only.


    Chevrolet and GMC are pretty low in GM’s redesigned Silverado and Sierra model. They are most lucrative for the company lineup. They will be really in a good position if their pickup truck facility becomes operational first. He will call them all in. Mike Jackson, the CEO of AutoNation Inc.mentioned that Silverado was going in high demand for the stock by retailers in the United States.


    Thus, we may see more of this good news and hope for General Motors amid this pandemic. This will be good for the world economy as well. Keep yourself tuned in for more of the sun rays from us.

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