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What with Williams after shocking Financial News?

What with Williams after shocking Financial News?

Earlier, the deal was signed in the great British style, with plates of bacon and HP sauce. But we are in deep thought, as there is an early end to this meeting. We are looking at the condition of Williams British team, after its deal end early with sponsor Rokit. Looking at the very reasons, there are many to poi9nt out. They are lashing out due to poor performance down the grid and increasing financial pressure due to the coronavirus pandemic. Losing a major sponsor is the worst dream for any company and team. But this is one of the moves for which they are going for their strategic directional moves.


Though it is very little the company can talk with the public, we hear them say that Rojit converted a three-year deal to a five-year deal, running up to 2023. They were giving huge support to the team in midways. They say to have met all contractual obligations to Rokit their relationship was in good shape, we must say. But on calculations, we see a loss of 10 million Euro, until 2019 end. Thus, we can expect the numbers large enough for 2020 results. This seems to be a big hole which Williams is going to fill for. They took a major step like selling a major stake of their William Advanced Engineering. But still, we sense a risk that their name may vanish next year from the races. Though!!!


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