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    God Of War 5: Release Date, What’s New About The Gameplay? Will It Come For PC Too? And News, Teases Dev

    A Santa Monica programmer retweets Sony’s PS5 reveal event hinting towards the announcement of the following name in the God of War franchise.

    A current tweet from a Santa Monica developer has hinted that the approaching PS5 event might have a God of War reveal as well. The highly anticipated title will likely be a continuation of the critically acclaimed God of War (2018), which sold over 10 million units.

    The most recent entry in the traditional franchise, God of War, premiered back in 2018, and it managed to win a plethora of awards including the much-coveted Sport of the Year award in Game Awards 2018. Despite the game following the events of its predecessors, it had been regarded as a reboot because it had fully revamped core aspects of the franchise. God of War focused on the Norse Mythology, taking players to the five realms such as the likes of Midgard and Helheim while previous names were based on Greek Mythology. Kratos’ character from God in previous titles into this responsible and compassionate father’s transition was appreciated.

    When Is God Of War 5 set to release

    God Of War 5

    Cory Barlog is the manager of the game God Of War and it’s just as per his tweet because he requested every one of the players about which game sequel they’d like to see PlayStation 5 we are hopeful to get God Of War 5. Also, as per reports. We know that God Of War 5 is in the early phases of its development.

    What’s new about the gameplay of God Of War 5?

    God Of War 5 isn’t delayed just due to the lack of the team members but also because visually God Of War 5 is to be made especially than its other versions. Also coming for PlayStation 5 will attempt to make it live up to the expectations of the console.

    Will God Of War 5 come for PC too

    Well, only after the release of God Of War 5, we would be able to say if it’s going to be accessible for PC as the prevalence of the game has a significant role to play to make it accessible on playing platforms.

    Everything else about God Of War 5

    Back into the match, God Of War 5, we are likely to see Atreus, Kratos, and Thor also inside because of the key characters in the narrative of the game.


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