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Haikyuu Season 5: Is The Series Renewed For A New Season And When Is It Releasing?

The manga adapted sports Haikyu is one among the best contenders for the best sports anime. Illustrated and written by Haruichi Furudate, the anime version is prevalent among anime fans. The series’ main protagonist is a brief high schoolboy. He is inspired by another player, also known as as’The Little Giant’.

With a genius spiker, Kageyama as the protagonist, this series revolves around the competition between the duo who struggle together to take their group. With various other players in the category, the fourth season covers the arc of Karasuno’s national.

Is The Series Renewed For A New Season And When Is It Releasing

The confirmation on this show’s fifth season was provided by Animation Studio Production IG. The show took a mid-season split after 12 episodes and was earlier confirmed for 25 episodes on the Nationals arc.

Haikyuu Season 5

The show is going to be continued since Haikyu, Together with the remaining 13 episodes not yet been streamed. The same will likely be streamed on Netflix. The show is assumed to be published by July 2020. But there could be some delays in discharge.

What Is The Plot Of Season 5

The show follows the manga closely along with the season will cover the remaining portion of the Nationals arc. With Karasuno in the game against a group new to the show, the show will bring about surprises to fans.

Characters are added in season 4 that intrigue fans by their plays. Karasuno also evolves in a team fighting their way through the tournament. This brings in various moments. Fans expect it to continue following season 5 and also can appreciate another taste for the show.


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