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    Going Into Season 7 Of The 100, A Lot Of The Original Characters Have Died And Read To Know?

    After six seasons and lots of deaths on the way, a lot of the first characters that made up the titular 100 haven’t survived going into The 100 season 7. The first 100 characters (called”the hundred”, not”the one hundred”) were juvenile delinquents considered expendable at the onset of the narrative.

    In The 100 series premiere, The Ark was still considered the last remnant of humankind therefore, drastic steps were taken to make sure those aboard it would survive. When funds were running low, one hundred prisoners, all of which were minors, were sent down to Earth. While the urgent need was to conserve the funds that were remaining, it also served as a test to find out if Earth was habitable for life again. It had been, and so the story of The 100 advanced, beginning with how those kids survived on the floor.

    As time has passed, anywhere from four to 38 of those delinquents have lived on The 100. As not all of them were introduced as personalities there’s some uncertainty. That’s far too many to present everyone, leaving some as just names or pictures Though many of the main characters early on were members of the 100. This also does not include Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) or Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan), since neither were part of the 100, despite being significant personalities of around the same age who’s been in existence since the beginning.

    The Known Survivors Of The 100

     The 100 Season 7

    There are now four characters from the first hundred who are still alive: Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos), John Murphy (Richard Harmon), and Nathan Miller (Jarod Joseph). The first two were series regulars in the start; Murphy became a regular in season 3, and Miller was a recurring character since late.

    That changed a lot over time since there was less emphasis while the majority of the cast of characters were part of their 100 at the series. The survivors from the Ark crashing and the delinquents had more or less incorporated as a group, the Sky People while they were important for its first two seasons, from the beginning of season 3. Characters were released as part of the hundred, and this is unlikely to change from the previous season.

    Other Possible Survivors Of The 100

    Going past the routine and recurring characters is where things get hazier. Not all of the delinquents may be listed, which makes it difficult to know how many are abandoned were released. There have been 62 confirmed dead along with the four, leaving around 34 people that could still be living.

    There are some titles and possibly even pictures connected with delinquents which were never characters from the show. The most notable are Kath Colonna, Tim Bartlett, Jill Yaworski, and Lisa Warren. Pictures of all four of them appeared on displays in season 1 and so were on Clarke’s list of who to spare in year 4, making it possible they would have survived at least through the end of the season, if not farther. But overall, just four of the original 100 characters remain active in the story of The 100.


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