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Vikings season 6 part B: Details On Bjorn’s Battling With Ivar. [Explained]

Fans are currently wondering a part B will finish, and a few have produced a concept suggesting Bjorn might have been dreaming about the Rus battle. Through an extreme ending to the first half of the season, Bjorn Ironside watched his brother Ivar unite Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky) in an assault on Scandinavia.

A battle ensued which saw Ivar while they were on the shore chased his brother Bjorn. Bjorn dropped to the ground and that he lay there staring in his sword, and lovers are wondering if he’s now dead. But some scenes at the episodes have led fans to think Bjorn dreamed about the struggle.

During the episode, fans watched Bjorn talking with his brother Ivar regarding power and success. The opinion shifted to countless warriors fighting on precisely the shore, indicating eyesight or a time leap played out.

Dead bodies encompassed them, and Bjorn explained: “I’ve made many errors and I’ve failed, but this time I won’t neglect. To which Ivar reacted: “You’re incorrect, the gods left-handed you a very long time back, my own brother. There’s absolutely no way you can win.”

The pair appeared following Bjorn was stabbed Ivar, the remaining warriors, and being on the shore. Fans chose to Reddit to indicate Bjorn dreamed about the conflict, such as Andrewbrod11.

Vikings: Ivar might have been a part of Bjorn’s eyesight (Picture: Background )
Vikings: Bjorn looking dead after being chased by Ivar (Picture: Background )
They stated: “I only saw [the end ] yesterday and I watched a lot of opinions saying Bjorn’s still living and the entire struggle was Bjorn’s fantasy.

“I thought it’d be kind of absurd at first, but then I realized there might be no manner Ivar could only walk up to Bjorn at the center of the struggle and stab him.

“The simple fact that there have been multiple timelines of those strikes causes me to speculate that it had been Bjorn imagining all the various situations that could occur.”

Fans have pointed out that the conflict didn’t play out at a chronological or linear arrangement, so the assault on Bjorn might have occurred at a subsequent stage. Unicorn-pyjamas stated: “That is the way I perceived it too, it was in his mind. That is why there’s that spectacle about the beach of Ivar and Bjorn. Enthusiasts have indicated the assault on Bjorn was a metaphor for Ivar had defeated the Vikings.


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