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    “He is not going to need hit tennis balls”, Mark Webber on Lewis Hamilton Having edge in 2020 seasons.

    The Formula 1 veteran Mark Webber keeps some favorites. And he conseiders Lewis Hamilton, his favorite here, the best heavy candidate for the 2020 season. He reckons the current delayed circumstances Formula 1 faces. And it makes him clear that the season is going right into the hands of the six times Champion.

    On one of his recent interviews, he came up with lots of topics. He also went on to say about Sebastian’s plan after leaving Ferrari. And when he was made to go for the name who shall win this pandemic struck season, there was no hesitation in his voice for sure. He says he is sure that it is going to be Lewis. Yes! According to him, this year is set for him. He is got no need for no-no tennis balls for him at all. N mileage and no disrupted program. He is a special guy and can go on the shortest notice. And this will surely make this season special for him.

    Talking of Webber, he was there for 215 Grand Prixs, between 2002 and 2014. After he left, he got nine wins with him, forty-two podiums. He is also said to be Red Bull’s most experienced player with 129 stars. There were some great moments in his career. One was the wheel to wheel battle with Hamilton and Alonso. It was one touching moment for him. He describes ’09 Barcelona as one of the best moments, something sneaky type.

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    Furious Mad
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