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    Hitman 3 Release Date, Character, Price And About The Game

    Get ready with your gaming devices. Get a chance to cut-throat the big mafias and become a stealth assassin. Yes, finally the assassin game, Hitman is back with its third part of the gaming series. Agent 47 is again ready to sneak under the security and kill the boss. Hitman, a simple and powerful graphic game made a huge impact on gamers with its two gaming parts. The professional background and story of the game were very much enjoyed by the players and they also demanded more such games. Afterall the makers of Hitman decided to release the third and the final part of the game which is going to be in the market soon. Let us know more about the game.


    The game will release sometime on January 2021.


    The lead characters of the game along with the person playing their roles are:

    • Olivia Hall – Played by Isura Barbe – Brown
    • Lucas Grey – Played by John Hopkins
    • Agent 47 – Played by David Bateson
    • Diana Burnwood – Played by Jane Perry
    • The Constant – Played by Phillip Rosch


     The game Hitman shows an assassin, Agent 47, who is assigned different missions by his agency. These assassins are genetically programmed and have great abilities, are free from pain and emotions. The player plays the assassin role and accomplishes the mission to follow the story. The game series shows different locations around the world.

    Though the story of Hitman 3 is not out, yet one of the six location in the game is revealed to be of Dubai.


     The game will be available on the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.


     The game published and developed by IO Interactive should retail at about £49.99 or $59.99. Having such a great playing environment, I guess it is really worth it.


     The trailer of the new game series is out, which reveals the scene in Dubai as 47 is seen climbing the building of the place.


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